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Borell Law, LLC serves individuals in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with a variety of legal issues, including Family Law, Divorces & Dissolutions, Child Custody & Support, Felony & Misdemeanor Criminal Defense, Traffic & OVI Defense, and Department of Veterans Affairs Claims and Appeals.

As a former Active Duty Judge Advocate with the U.S. Army, and current Judge Advocate in the National Guard, David J Borell is well-acquainted with issues surrounding military divorces, military child custody, and retirement benefits.  In addition, David J Borell has worked extensively in military jurisdictions, representing Soldiers in administrative reduction and separation proceedings and Courts-Martials.

David J Borell is available to assist and advise Soldiers, Servicemembers, and Veterans with legal issues stemming from the Uniform Code of Military Justice, military regulations, or impacting military retirement benefits.

David J Borell is licensed in Ohio, Michigan, and Georgia, as well as the Federal Court for the Northern District of Ohio, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, and is an accredited attorney with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Family Law

David Borell is available to assist with divorces, dissolutions, child custody, and child support issues. Family law issues can be difficult, but David’s pragmatic approach can assist you in getting the best outcome for everyone involved.

Traffic Offenses

Accidents, OVI's, and other traffic offenses can be expensive not just because of the immediate costs, but due to the long-term impact on license restrictions, insurance, and employment. Talk with David Borell to find out how he can assist with reducing the long-term impacts of traffic citations.

Americans with Disabilities Act

David Borell is extremely knowledgeable on issues related to both federal and state disability laws and can assist you with issues ranging from workplace accommodations and public access rights to compliance with Federal and State design requirements.

Criminal Defense

David Borell is experienced in representing individuals charged with a variety of criminal offenses in local, state, and federal courts. He can assist you in developing a defense designed to achieve the best possible outcome.

Consumer Law

Consumer credit issues can be exceptionally stressful. David Borell can represent you if you're being harassed by debt collectors, need to file bankruptcy, have landlord/tenant issues, or have been threatened with eviction.

Department of Veterans Affairs

David Borell is a US Army combat veteran with extensive experience representing Servicemembers when filing VA disability claims and appeals. He is an accredited attorney with the Department of Veterans Affairs and can assist you in preparing and presenting your VA appeal.



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